Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspired Parenting

Inspired Parenting Your finest parenting website. here you will find free information and advice on all parenting/educational aspects.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Parenting Website

Inspired Parenting, SA's finest parenting website has just had a face lift and been been re launched. Here parents will find free expert professional advice on all parenting and educational aspects.

Claire Marketos, the founder of Inspired parenting is a qualified teacher with an honours degree in Psychology. She has worked extensively with children and has been studying child behaviour and development since she was a young student, identifying what children need to be happy and successful. Claire believes that children whose needs are met are a pleasure to be with. They are kind, cooperative, and considerate.Claire's work has been published in SA's leading parenting magazines and books and other writers call on Claire for her professional comments. Inspired parenting provides parents with valuable resources so they no longer have to feel frustrated and alone. Help is only a phone call away, or they can write to Claire with their personal questions. Claire also offers support for parents going through divorce or the death of a child.Inspired parenting is an inspiration to all of us striving to have a close connection with our children.

Starting Over In South Africa: Parent/Baby-Toddler Groups and Activities - Jozikids

Starting Over In South Africa: Parent/Baby-Toddler Groups and Activities - Jozikids

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I am absolutely thrilled the S.A. government proposes to ban the smacking of children.Too often I see beautiful, well educated, sophisticated mothers smack their children for being irritating. The children are usually tired, not following instructions, or showing aggressive behaviour.These same moms would never consider smacking another adult, and would be horrified if anyone smacked them. They also know that if they did smack another adult, they could be arrested, thrown in jail, and have to explain themselves in front of a magistrate. Smacking an adult is called assault and is punishable by law.Most of us are able to show self control and restraint daily with many irritating people, yet lose control with our precious children. Research shows smacking doesn't change children's negative behaviour.Smacking does encourage aggressive behaviour in children by perpetuating the cycle of violence, which is already an epidemic in S.A.Smacking also lowers children's self-esteem and IQ, and stunts their problem solving abilities. Smacking is one of the options parents choose to discipline their children usually because it is the option most familiar to them. However, now that we know smacking doesn't work, why not try other options, and take the first step in curbing violence in S.A.Next time...... options that really work!