Friday, October 10, 2008

New Parenting Website

Inspired Parenting, SA's finest parenting website has just had a face lift and been been re launched. Here parents will find free expert professional advice on all parenting and educational aspects.

Claire Marketos, the founder of Inspired parenting is a qualified teacher with an honours degree in Psychology. She has worked extensively with children and has been studying child behaviour and development since she was a young student, identifying what children need to be happy and successful. Claire believes that children whose needs are met are a pleasure to be with. They are kind, cooperative, and considerate.Claire's work has been published in SA's leading parenting magazines and books and other writers call on Claire for her professional comments. Inspired parenting provides parents with valuable resources so they no longer have to feel frustrated and alone. Help is only a phone call away, or they can write to Claire with their personal questions. Claire also offers support for parents going through divorce or the death of a child.Inspired parenting is an inspiration to all of us striving to have a close connection with our children.

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